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Welcome to Pediatric Oasis - where your family’s needs always come first. Our team is committed to providing an environment that nurtures children and helps them meet their full potential. Similar to an oasis in the desert, we provide the scarce and unique therapy resources needed to revitalize and improve function. We believe that with the assistance of a caring and dedicated therapy staff, every child can reach for the stars!



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Where The Stars Are Within Reach For Every Child!

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We know, from firsthand experience, that in life there can sometimes be unforeseeable storms. It is during those times that it is essential for your child and family to have an OASIS. We are here to help you find peace in the midst of your storm. Contact us today to learn more about our therapy services, training, and proven techniques.


Our Team of Therapists provide individualized therapy and high-quality care for every child.

We Partner with schools, child care facilities, clinics, and hospitals to meet the needs of our community.

We Connect with educators, physicians, families, and close friends to encourage participation in your child’s therapy and growth.

We Make a Positive and Lasting Impact on the lives of children and their families.

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We believe in the importance of partnership with our families and the community. You will receive personalized support, prayer, resources, and encouragement as you navigate your therapeutic journey.

Our team is committed to your child’s success. As a part of that commitment, we take the time to give you strategies you can use in your daily routines to help your child master skills and thrive in all environments.

Pediatric Oasis empowers the lives of children and adults in Virginia and globally. Our love of helping others and building positive relationships are keys to your family receiving services that hold lifelong value.

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All Paths Lead to Pediatric Oasis

The therapists at Pediatric Oasis help children, adults, and organizations bridge gaps between healthcare and education in the community. We are dedicated to treating each client holistically by focusing on family partnership, building healthy relationships, utilizing effective practice methods, and ensuring equitable healthcare and educational learning. Click on each number to journey through our services.

Educational Coaching

and Training

Occupational Therapy

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Pediatric Oasis specializes in neuro-affirming therapeutic care. Our therapists are pediatric professionals who assess and treat sensory processing, visual motor, visual perceptual, executive function, attention, fine motor/gross motor, handwriting, cognition, behavior regulation, self care, and other functional daily life skill challenges.

We help children with Autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Down Syndrome, Feeding Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, and many other diagnoses develop essential skills needed to perform every day tasks. We utilize trauma informed approaches and our creative touch to provide fun therapy activities that your child will enjoy. Uniquely therapy is provided in the comfort of the child’s home and/or school, so parents and educators can be a part of the child’s therapeutic journey.

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Physical Therapy

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Pediatric Oasis helps children maximize their physical abilities and minimize the physical limitations that accompany some developmental diagnoses. Our therapists assist and encourage children and young adults as they learn to roll, crawl, walk, and/or run. Focal areas include balance, coordination, lower body/core strengthening, seating, standing, and posture. Additionally, manual techniques, adaptive equipment, neuromuscular training, and movement are utilized to motivate your loved one and enhance their physical activity.

Our goal is to assist children in developing independence and enhancing safety while reaching their highest level of function in the home, community, classroom, and during play and social activities.

Physical Therapy at Home

Speech and Language


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At Pediatric Oasis, we help children and young adults become active language learners and confident communicators. Our Speech Therapists recognize that all children are special and have unique abilities and strengths that will be utilized in therapy sessions as they are tailored to the child’s individual needs and provide a just right challenge.

Speech Therapists at Peds Oasis assess and treat speech and language development in areas of phonologic and phonemic awareness, receptive and expressive language, apraxia, fluency disorders, feeding disorders, gestalt language processing, and social pragmatics. We combine a variety of evidence-based methods and therapy techniques to enable your loved one to develop a strong sense of self while they enhance their communication skills.

Speech Therapy
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Enriching Services

The staff at Pediatric Oasis work with children, families, educators, and healthcare professionals to overcome community challenges. Our staff believe that all children and families can succeed in homes, schools, clinics, and the global community with the right resources.

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Children's Physical Therapy

Parental and Early

Childhood Mental Health

Our staff provide educational workshops to decrease ACES (adverse childhood experiences). We improve Parental and Early Childhood (pre-birth to age 10) Mental Health by focusing on attachment, relationships, nutrition, safety, and healthy lifestyle habits.



Are you an educator or parent that knows a child who is struggling in school or at home and they need help? If so, our therapists would be happy to complete an evaluation and create a plan to improve the child’s educational, social emotional, and life skill learning.

Educational Coaching and Training

Coaching and training are provided online and in person. Some topics include: Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing, Behavior Regulation, Play and Inclusion. Our unique coaching sessions are dynamic, comprehensive, and life changing!

Give us a call TODAY to discuss your child’s needs!


Kindergarten Kids


“Sherain was recommended to us by our son’s school when he was having difficulties with his ADHD symptoms and behavior at school. We were feeling nearly hopeless and at a loss for what we could do to help him in the classroom where we couldn’t be. When Sherain was introduced, our son immediately clicked with her and began to cherish his, “Mrs. Sherain” days. Through play she was able to help him learn coping skills and better manage his emotions. She also helped us, his parents, learn more about our sweet boy, his needs, and how best we can help him. We will be forever grateful for the impact she has had on our family.”

~Kathleen E.

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