A Gift of Love

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Pediatric Oasis provides services ​that are long lasting and life ​changing.

Your support in the form of a gift of ​love can be life saving to a child in ​need.

By sending a donation today, you ​will provide children and families ​with therapy access and support ​that help them improve their lives.

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Your gift will:

  • Expand the Peds Oasis vision and mission to create safe, nurturing environments that help children and families thrive.

  • Enhance learning in the community and provide equitable opportunities for diverse individuals with physical and neurological differences.

  • Plant a seed and assist in the growth of Pediatric Oasis Centers in the community.

  • Create an ability to provide all inclusive care to children and families across Virginia.


How To Give To Children and Families In Need

Send a Gift of Love and

Become a Pediatric Oasis Sponsor

We appreciate a gift in any amount and consider it a

blessing for the children and families we serve.

Once your donation is received you will be added to our Donor Wall on the Pediatric Oasis ​Website and included in our community events.




Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals




Help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 dollars by 2025!

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Pediatric Oasis accepts donations sent via

Zelle to info@pediatricoasis.com

and by check to:

977 Seminole Trail, PMB 286

Charlottesville, VA 22901

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Now Accepting New Patients in Central VA and Surrounding Areas!